Wizard Of Oz Coloring Book. Czarnoksiężnik z Krainy Oz

Charles Santore Wydawnictwo: Sterling Publishing Co Inc

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Lions and tigers and coloring books, oh my! The Wizard of Oz Coloring Book lets you bring Dorothy’s iconic red shoes to life as you color in the black-and-white original illustrations of award-winning illustrator Charles Santore! 

Whether you love the book or the movie (or both!), The Wizard of Oz is a classic story cherished the world over. Now children and adults alike can use their imagination to bring vivid color to Charles Santore's original black-and-white illustrations in this delightful new coloring book. 

Liczba stron: 96 Okładka: miękka Rok wydania: maj 2017 ISBN: 9781604337068 Format: 267 x 279 x 8mm Waga 227