EIRENE. Art book z plakatem

Nicholas F. Chandrawienata Wydawnictwo: Nicholas F. Chandrawienata

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Oryginalna, książka indonezyjskiego artysty Nicholas F. Chandrawienata. Sam autor, na Instagramie, pisze o niej:


"Eirene is all about the journey of finding inner peace. There is a mix between dark and light tone representing the roller coaster of emotions that I was going through. I did lot of experiments with this book and with the help of my talented designer friend and a passionate printing house I am able to finish this piece. Artworks in this book is mainly drawn using drawing pen on paper. I really enjoyed creating this whole book and working together with people and I hope that you guys can enjoy it as well!"

Liczba stron: 88 Okładka: miękka Rok wydania: sierpień 2017 Format: 210x300 mm Data premiery: 12 września 2017