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Adorable Animals GrayScale Coloring Book

Adorable Animals GrayScale Coloring Book
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Cena: 69,90 PLN
Producent: F&W Publications Inc
EAN: 9781440350511
Status: chwilowo niedostępny
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Explore an all-new art form in this full-length, fully rendered and fully adorable grayscale coloring book! You are going to love the results you get with the grayscale coloring pages created by cute creature expert Jane Maday. Not sure where to start? Just follow the simple step-by-step instruction to learn how to expertly use this breakout coloring technique for beautiful results. It's super easy, relaxing and fun using Maday's hand-drawn graytone images as a guide. Grayscale coloring involves coloring on top of an already shaded image rather than inside of black-and-white lines, like in a traditional coloring book. This technique allows you to achieve complex painterly results easily because the lights are darks are already applied for you. Use any coloring tool you like, from colored pencils or markers to soft pastels or even combine all three to color playful puppies, curious kittens and plump garden chickadees to beautiful--and adorable!--effect. Inside you'll find:*48+ perforated, quality coloring pages* Quick-start, step-by-step instruction for coloring the pages* Fully colored, complete versions of each grayscale image to use for inspiration and ideas* Easy practice projects to try before you begin

Autor:Jane Maday
Rodzaj okładki:miękka
Ilość stron:128
Format:209x276 mm
Miesiąc wydania:luty
Rok wydania:2017
Kraj wydania:USA
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