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12 Months of Dreaming Country Postcard Coloring Book

12 Months of Dreaming Country Postcard Coloring Book
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Price: 17,05 EUR
EAN: 9784096821237
Status: available 48 H
product Description

Coloring book depicting the lives of girls and cats This is a coloring book that depicts Nina's daily life with two cats in a small house in a small town that is not on the map, throughout the spring, summer, autumn, and winter seasons. There are 16 kinds of 32 cute postcard coloring books for various scenes such as garden work, beach vacation, wreath making, Halloween, attic, etc., from casual life to seasonal events. There are two identical pictures, so you can send them as postcards, put them in a frame and decorate them, or change the painting method. We also introduce examples of colors to use and color combinations.

Publishing language:japanese
Size:150x210 mm
Publication month:August
Publication year:2021
Published in:Japan
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