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5 Minute Coloring Book - Flower Coloring

5 Minute Coloring Book - Flower Coloring
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It is a coloring book that colors the colorful flowers we meet in our daily lives. Coloring the flower sketch with colored pencils makes it easy for anyone to enjoy flower coloring. In particular, it is made of 'nude hardcover' and is opened for easy coloring on any page.

It contains basic color pencil coloring techniques and 50 kinds of flower coloring methods, which will provide a fun time for those who want to enjoy special coloring with flowers. Let's color your daily life beautifully through the author's kind explanation and examples of pictures full of various flowers. If you use it together with the easy and fun drawing workbook '5 minute sketch' series, you can enjoy the sketching and coloring more abundantly.

Publishing language:korean
Size:130x190 mm
Publication month:March
Publication year:2020
Published in:Korea
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