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A day in the Bao Family

A day in the Bao Family
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He has a round face, sparkling eyes, a slender mouth, black ears that prickle when he feels good, charming gestures and rich expressions. Let's meet Bao Family's first coloring book.

It is full of the happy daily lives of the Bao Family, including our eternal baby panda Fu Bao. Fu Bao playing with toys made by his grandfather, Aibao giving his beautiful daughter a flight, and Magpie and Lebao aiming for Wo Tow, all of which are immediately recognizable to Bao Family fans, have been created with 50 adorable illustrations. The warm and emotional paintings, which are different from photos and videos, will be a special gift for Bao Family fans.

Publishing language:korean
Cover:hardback with dustcover
Size:188x250 mm
Publication month:April
Publication year:2024
Published in:Korea
Paper thickness:Medium
Printing:single-sided with color graphics on the left side
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