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Adult sketch painting Beautiful botanical art

Adult sketch painting Beautiful botanical art
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A soothing rose garden drawn with botanical art.
The latest work of the popular "Adult Sketch Coloring Book" is now available!

This is the 18th installment of the "Adult Sketch Coloring Book" series, which is based on the concept of "Let's paint as if drawing a sketch".

Coloring book is botanical art depicting various varieties of roses and plants of the four seasons.
The theme is all the plants that bloom in the rose garden that the author Michiko Shibata grows. In the garden with abundant nature near Lake Yamanaka in Yamanashi Prefecture, various plants bloom throughout the year. Even with roses alone, many varieties such as allegory, chapod napoleon, morinew, and ebrin show beautiful appearance every season. In addition, seasonal plants such as magnolia kobus and hydrangea are in full bloom. Please enjoy the lineup of flowers that bloom powerfully in nature.

It's a botanical art that seems to be a little difficult to draw from scratch, but if it's a coloring book, you can easily work on it by painting a line art. Colored line art is also posted, so you can enjoy it as a work or as a reference for painting as a coloring sample.
Beautiful and detailed botanical art coloring books can be freely painted with your favorite painting materials such as colored pencils and watercolors to create your own work.

Publishing language:Japanese
Size:260x260 mm
Publication month:November
Publication year:2021
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