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Alien Worlds. Colour Cosmic Kingdoms . Polish edition

Alien Worlds. Colour Cosmic Kingdoms . Polish edition
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Manufacturer: Wydawnictwo KE Liber
EAN: 9788363534479
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Polish edition Alien Worlds coloring book

Embark on an amazing space journey and color alien worlds!

ALIEN WORLDS is a new coloring book by best-selling illustrator Kerby Rosanes where you will discover and color extraordinary space lands.

Take a journey to ten unknown planets full of extraterrestrials living in amazing environments. Visit the Water World planet, where dangerous leviathans lurk in the depths of the oceans, the Floating World full of stunning flying life forms, the Futuristic planet with modern cities inhabited by cyber aliens, and the Desert Ruins planet, where new life thrives on the ruins of an old civilization. You will embark on this wonderful journey with a fearless astronaut. His diary at the end of the book shows even more details of the alien worlds he invented. Fill it all with colors that your imagination will tell you.

Publishing language:polish
Author:Kerby Rosanes
Size:250x250 mm
Publication month:March
Publication year:2023
Published in:Poland
Paper thickness:Medium
Printing:double page
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