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Around the World Coloring Book Vol 2. Japanese edition

Around the World Coloring Book Vol 2. Japanese edition
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All 80 kinds of "festival" designs from 45 countries
around the world are posted! You can make a "tracing trip" to festivals around the world. All the painting festivals are explained, and you can enjoy tracing the culture of the country and create your own wonderful painting as if you were sketching.

"Trace drawing" has a reputation for being more relaxing and stress-

relieving than coloring books !・ The "Around the World Tracing" series is a series of coloring books with a cumulative total of about 450,000 copies, and is popular with Eriy. This is a series where you can enjoy tracing the scenery of the world with illustrations.

・ The second is "Festival Trips" from all over the world. The scenery of the city where the festival is held, the festival and dance, and pictures of related items are posted. You can enjoy various scenes such as world-famous festival scenery and props, funny costumes, and local products related to the festival. People who have traveled to the area and those who have not can enjoy the culture of the country as if they were sketching a landscape.

-At the end of the book, there is an appendix of items that you can enjoy by tracing the finger puppets and decorating them as objects. You can enjoy tracing and coloring to your heart's content. After tracing, let's play with coloring books!

Publishing language:Japanese
Size:250x250 mm
Publication month:January
Publication year:2019
Published in:Japan
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