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Between Poetry and Painting. Coloring Book with Poems

Between Poetry and Painting. Coloring Book with Poems
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This is Korean coloring book with poems. Please take note all poems are written in Korean.

This is a collection of coloring poetry of laziness, a national poet who comforts and supports us in ordinary language. Poems that have been loved by readers, including the representative poem'Flower of Grass', and of the works he wrote for 50 years in literature, carefully selected 48 poems that evoke images and tell stories just by reading them.

When you read two poems of exactly the same image and turn the page, a picture with the atmosphere of the poem as it is welcomes us warmly. Ilumi, a writer who paints her days as a girl and boy with a warm and warm gaze, participated in this book and delicately expressed the sensibility of poetry through paintings. In the artist's painting that he was inspired by transcribing poetry to convey the image of poetry to the reader well, the sensibility of laziness seems to drop.

Publishing language:korean
Size:170x220 mm
Publication month:September
Publication year:2020
Published in:Korea
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