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Botanical Artist's Flower Coloring Book

Botanical Artist's Flower Coloring Book
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It contains a very delicate and beautiful flower coloring pattern drawn by Song Eun-young, the first official Korean member of The Society of Botanical Artists (SBA) in England, which includes about 180 botanical artists from around the world, including Billy Shawell and Anne Swan.

There are 30 finished example pictures and coloring sheet, 2 for each picture, total of 60, so you can try coloring in two versions. The coloring design is composed of a sophisticated layout, and the skill of the author, who is a detailed plant artist, is melted, so the perfection is very high.

One of the designs has dark lines, so even if you increase the color of the colored pencils, the lines are exposed and the sense of form is clearly revealed. Another design on the back is printed in light gray. Practice the sketch by drawing along the lines, or leave it as it is and color it to complete the drawing without emphasizing the outline.

Since there are only 2 coloring sheet sheets, you can paint with colored pencils referring to the artist's example of coloring completion and the suggested color number of colored pencils, or you can freely color with your own color regardless of the type of coloring material. If you are too tired to color by itself, it will be a refreshing experience to try line drawing by following the outline drawn in the coloring book with your pen.

※ This is a nude binding book.

Publishing language:korean
Cover:carton box
Size:170x240 mm
Publication month:July
Publication year:2021
Published in:Korea
Printing:double page
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