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[DEFECT] Betoverde Seizoenen. Enchanted seasons

[DEFECT] Betoverde Seizoenen. Enchanted seasons
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NOTE: The book has a slight defect - a dent is visible in the lower corner of the cover. The center of the coloring page is intact. Reduced price - the book is not refundable or exchangeable. The damage is visible in the photo.

The author about the book:
I designed this coloring book with love and I tried to make the illustrations magical, but at the same time as realistic as possible, so that everyone could decide for themselves how they prefer to color the selected graphic. I hope I have created coloring pictures for different age groups. I invite you on a journey through the magical world I have created. Let these illustrations stimulate your imagination and creativity, and let the coloring bring joy and relaxation.

Author:Natalia Ratajczak-Van Moer
Publication year:2021
Published in:Belgia
Paper thickness:Very thick
Printing:double page
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