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Guardian Fairy of the Strange Garden Coloring Book

Guardian Fairy of the Strange Garden Coloring Book
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Price: 23,84 EUR
EAN: 9791191443127
Status: available 48 H
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NOTE!!! The book has a small defect - the lower right corner of the book has been slightly crushed during transport to Poland. The defect affects the first dozen or so pages of the book, where colorful graphics are printed - it does not apply to graphics to color and does not affect them. Reduced price - the book is not refundable or exchangeable. Damage visible in the photos.

A new coloring book by the Korean artist, author of the book Every season, every moment. Guardian Fairy ... consists of two parts - in the first you will find a gallery of beautiful colorful illustrations, in the second - graphics for coloring with their color counterpart. Something perfect for lovers of fantastic fairies, secret gardens and beautiful plants.

Check out the artist's website for flip through

Publishing language:korean
Author:Rosa (Kim So-eun)
Publication month:September
Publication year:2022
Published in:Korea
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