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Gugeli Find Color Coloring Book

Gugeli Find Color Coloring Book
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As a collection of coloring sketches, this book can be used as a coloring exercise or as a collection. Gu Ge Li is good at smooth and textured line drafts. The collection of paintings contains 75 highly-completed antique illustration line drafts. It takes both visual enjoyment and hands-on coloring into consideration. The entire collection is printed on high-end painting paper, which can satisfy all kinds of pigments. Color demand. Naked backline manuscript binding, you can open the spread by 180 degrees.

The painter's obsession is to bring beauty and precious things into the pen and paper space.

The soft and slender flower vines, the rustling swords, the feminine and boneless beauty, the proud and domineering heroes, as well as the enchanting Hundred Ghosts and the fairy gods... all can give them concrete life with pen and paper. .

For a painting, the line draft is the skeleton, the color is the flesh and the makeup, the bones are ready, just wait for you to pick up the paint, and once again give these line drafts the flesh and makeup.

Publishing language:Chinese
Size:210x285 mm
Publication month:January
Publication year:2019
Published in:China
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