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Hey Mr.Rabbit, why are you running? Alice in Wonderland 2 Coloring Book

Hey Mr.Rabbit, why are you running? Alice in Wonderland 2 Coloring Book
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A coloring book reborn with cute and adorable pictures based on the fairy tale 《Alice in Wonderland》. In Volume 1, Alice flew through the night sky with a tarot on a merry-go-round while being chased by the Queen's card soldiers. In Volume 2, the story after that unfolds in Amily's imagination. After Alice disappears, how are the Queen, the Card Soldier, and the White Rabbit? Grab a colored pencil and enter the fantasy world with the white rabbit wandering in search of Alice.

Following ``Alice in Wonderland'', ``Alice in Wonderland 2'' returns with a more cute and lovely picture. It reduces the fatigue of coloring and enhances the completeness. In addition, the back of the book contains a three-dimensional cardboard board that you can cut and make yourself after coloring, so you can enjoy books and coloring in a variety of ways.

Publishing language:koreański
Author:Amily Shen
Size:250x250 mm
Publication month:March
Publication year:2015
Published in:Korea
Printing:double page
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