Elves, fairies and angels

Little Secrets from My Fairy House

Little Secrets from My Fairy House
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Price: 38,10 EUR
Manufacturer: Klara Markova
Status: available 48 H
product Description

In the book you will find many elves and fairies, little dragons and little witches with cats- inside my kitchen cabinet which are making herbal perfumes, mandrake babies from my greenhouse , but also a weasel ( living under the roof of my garage ) who takes two little fairies to a picnic, and a mole who, when I put buzzing scarecrows in the ground, started playing the saxophone and definitely didn't move away and much, much more cuties.

The book is bound with gold tooling on its front and back cover and spine.
Paper in soft natural tone, cream. (Weight 150g)
The type of paper is exactly the same as in all our books, with the only difference that this one is produced in a purely ecological way with regard to the health of our planet.
(If you happen to discover a small imperfection inside the book, please be forgiving and involve creativity in the painting. These are exceptionally occurring minor irregularities)
We welcomed fully ecological paper production. And thank you - we, Fairies, little Dragons and the planet Earth - for supporting ecology with us.
You are helping to keep our Earth healthy for generations to come.


  • 112 pages including a page with opening doors.
  • One sided drawings
  • 2x opening doors for gingerbread Christmas Clockhouse on one page- on the last page of the book.
  • Part of every book is also a double faced colour in bookmark and solid and good quality packaging.
Publishing language:english
Author:Klara Markova
Size:210x250 mm
Publication month:November
Publication year:2022
Published in:Czech Republic
Printing:single page
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