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Queens of Poland Coloring Book. Edycja numerowana, z autografem

Queens of Poland Coloring Book. Edycja numerowana, z autografem
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In the history of Poland, rulers are mentioned many times, but their partners who accompanied them not only in times of glory, but also during war and in exile are rarely remembered. On the Internet, you can find their portraits, most of which show them in strict, serious and haughty poses. In this book you will find 50 coloring graphics depicting 45 queens of Poland, seen through the eyes of the imagination of Krysia Nowak, known as Ojkipopart. It is not a scientific work, and the images of women presented in the book are an artistic inspiration. However, these ladies really existed, and perhaps thanks to this book, we will get to know their long-forgotten names and stories.

The coloring book includes:

45 Lineart graphics
5 Grayscale graphics
Each copy of the book is numbered and signed by the author.

Language of the edition: Polish-English

Author:Krystyna Nowak
Size:210x297 mm
Publication month:November
Publication year:2019
Published in:Poland
Paper thickness:Thick
Printing:double page
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