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Romantic Country - The Third Tale Coloring Book

Romantic Country - The Third Tale Coloring Book
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Price: 22,50 EUR
EAN: 9784766128673
Status: available 48 H
product Description

The third part of the Romantic Country series.

Cheerful country houses, prairies, forests, lakeside landscapes and a beautiful tall castle are waiting to be colored. A fantasy coloring book by Japanese illustrator Eriy, who uses a toothpick dipped in ink to draw each intricate design. Inside are pages of provincial delicacies that you can bring to life by coloring: delicious French pastries, magical forests full of fairies, charming city squares full of people - and much more that is sure to delight people of all ages.

Publishing language:japanese
Size:253x253 mm
Publication month:March
Publication year:2016
Published in:Japan
Printing:double page
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