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The News Carries Through The Forest Coloring book

The News Carries Through The Forest Coloring book
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The author's version of the publication Wieś niesie po lesie by the Polish painter Anna Miarczyńska. This edition was released in a larger format, on thicker paper connected by a spiral. Moreover, the author has signed this amazing book especially for us.
Yes, this is not just a coloring book, inside you will find many deep thoughts and truths about man and nature. A position prepared for children - the small ones and those who hide inside us, adults. Book is only in polish language.

21 illustrations measuring 30 x 30 cm

Weight:170 g/m²
Publishing language:polski
Author:Anna Miarczyńska
Cover:carton spiral bound
Size:345x300 mm
Publication year:2019
Published in:Poland
Paper thickness:Thick
Printing:single page
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