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The Time Chamber: A magical story and colouring book. Polish edition

The Time Chamber: A magical story and colouring book. Polish edition
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The coloring book Chamber of Time, where the work of a textile artist meets fairy tale sensibility, has been published in 26 countries around the world, following the Garden of Time, and continuing the 'Korean Wave Coloring Book' wave around the world. In addition, Chamber of Time, the publication rights exported to Random House, the world's largest book publisher, is a delicate painting of oriental materials such as Korean traditional stationery, pottery, mother-of-pearl, and solitaire in a girl's everyday space, and is loved by coloring fans all over the world. It received favorable reviews for 'containing oriental beauty'.

As such, Chamber of Time by global artist Daria Song, who has been loved as a best-selling coloring book in the US, UK, France, and Taiwan, has returned as a 'Recover Revision and Supplement' to commemorate the sales of 1 million copies worldwide. In this edition, new designs full of the artist's artistic sensibility and imagination were unveiled for the first time, and existing designs were also revised and supplemented. Let's become the main character in a fairy tale by coloring through the upgraded adventure of the time fairy and the story hidden in the mysterious girl's space.

Author:Daria Song
Size:249x249 mm
Publication month:December
Publication year:2021
Published in:Korea
Printing:double page
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