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The Time Garden: A Magical Journey and Coloring Book. Polish edition

The Time Garden: A Magical Journey and Coloring Book. Polish edition
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Daria Song  has returned as a 'recovery revised edition' to commemorate the sales of 1 million copies worldwide. In this edition, new designs full of the artist's artistic sensibility and imagination were unveiled for the first time, and the existing designs were completely revised and supplemented. Let's become the main character in a fairy tale by coloring through the upgraded adventures of a time fairy and a girl, and a story hidden in a fantastic space.

The Garden of Time is full of lovely adventures, mysterious spaces, and fairy tale characters that Song Ji-hye imagined as a child. The colorful and exotic spaces that unfold every time you turn each page create a variety of stories according to the reader's imagination, giving you the feeling of entering the world of "Alice in Wonderland" or "The Wizard of Oz".

In particular, The Garden of Time, which was completed based on the delicate and three-dimensional actual modeling works of the artist who is a textile artist, received overwhelming praise from coloring fans around the world in terms of artistry and completeness. Readers will be able to enjoy the artistic experience of completing their own work as they fill the pages full of beautiful works.

Publishing language:koreański
Author:Daria Song
Size:249x249 mm
Publication month:December
Publication year:2021
Published in:Korea
Printing:double page
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