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Tree Landscape Coloring Book

Tree Landscape Coloring Book
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EAN: 9788979293739
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product Description

A coloring book designed to help you learn how to color trees and shrubs. Inside you will find 23 designs - each printed 4 times.

The first two images are to help you practice pencil shading - on the left you have a printout of inspiration, and on the right you have graphics for practice.

Two consecutive graphics of the same picture are used for coloring with crayons. The artist used Prisma color crayons (72 colors) and marked specific numbers of crayons in the picture. Thanks to this, you can repeat this effect.

A very nicely published book, sewn and glued, can be easily unfolded in 180 degrees. Thick paper, lightly coated, slowly apply a few crayons. The perfect coloring book for beginners who want to color realistic nature.

Publishing language:korean
Size:210x270 mm
Publication month:April
Publication year:2023
Published in:Korea
Printing:double page
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