Watercolor coloring

Urban Sketch Study Notebook for coloring and drawing

Urban Sketch Study Notebook for coloring and drawing
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EAN: 9791191443189
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product Description

This is a book that allows you to practice both watercolor coloring and urban sketching. It contains 15 works with motifs of buildings, alleys and landscapes. Also includes tips on coloring and drawing methods.
The book resembles a sketchbook - it is printed on paper imitating watercolor paper, weight approximately 150, pages connected with a metal spiral.

Each picture was printed in a color version and 3 copies to color - one of the graphics is very slightly scratched - you can practice sketching with this pattern.

Publishing language:korean
Cover:carton spiral bound
Size:188x257 mm
Publication month:June
Publication year:2023
Published in:Korea
Paper thickness:Thick
Printing:double page
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