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Everyday with You. Grimbi Coloring Book

Everyday with You. Grimbi Coloring Book
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Cena: 89,90 PLN
EAN: 9791190555913
Status: chwilowo niedostępny
Opis produktu

It is a coloring book that reminds you of lovely moments filled with 'we' by looking at the pictures of spring, summer, autumn, winter, and seasons. . This book contains 43 completed pictures and 44 coloring sheets (including posters), including carefully selected pictures from among the many loved pictures, reborn pictures with a little different fun, and newly drawn unpublished pictures.

This book contains the happy moments and cozy daily life that anyone in love will experience, so it is good to give as a small gift on special days such as Valentine's Day or Christmas, or to create small but precious memories by filling it with the colors of just the two of you with the person you want to be with every day. good. In particular, the coloring poster at the end of the book can convey a heartfelt message.

Język wydania:koreański
Rodzaj okładki:miękka
Ilość stron:104
Format:175x228 mm
Miesiąc wydania:luty
Rok wydania:2022
Kraj wydania:Korea
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