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Four Seasons Coloring Book - Beautiful Days of Green Ivy

Four Seasons Coloring Book - Beautiful Days of Green Ivy
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Cena: 99,50 PLN
EAN: 9791197195662
Status: dostępny 48 H
Opis produktu

This coloring book is based on the beautiful scenery and stories of the four seasons. It summoned beautiful memories that everyone could keep at least one, and loaded them with lovely characters in a variety of ways. The picture, which seems to capture a scene from childhood, evokes vague memories that have been forgotten.

The appearance of a girl having fun with her animal friends, such as cats, dogs, and deer, makes you smile softly just looking at her. You can enjoy the pleasure of painting with your own hands the artist's illustrations depicting the beauty of nature in the four seasons with a warm gaze. The author's lyrical words accompanying each painting double the pleasure of appreciating the work.

Język wydania:koreański
Autor:Green Ivy
Rodzaj okładki:twarda
Ilość stron:160
Miesiąc wydania:sierpień
Rok wydania:2021
Kraj wydania:Korea
Muriel napisał/a:
Ocena: 10/10 ocena ocena ocena ocena ocena
A very nice book, love it.
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