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Four Seasons Coloring Book z pisakami dwustronnymi ICONIC

Four Seasons Coloring Book z pisakami dwustronnymi ICONIC
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The 'coloring book', which was thought to be exclusive to children, was published as a 'coloring book' for adults who need a break with effects such as 'anti-stress' and 'art-therapy' and loved by readers, not only in Korea but also around the world. hit bookstores.

The craze of 'coloring books' does not end as a temporary fad, but the publication of various coloring books with gradually subdivided topics such as nature, fashion, patterns, and motifs, and the demand for colored pencils with various colors such as 36 and 72 colors, has become a hobby of general adults. is being established , released this time, collects the works of popular illustrator Aiko Fukawa under the title of Four Seasons and puts them in one volume. This is the final version of the coloring book that contains cute and various designs such as forests, flowers, jewels, ribbons, cats, birds, and desserts for the four seasons. Without it would be a good choice.

I hope that many people will be invited to the world of 'Four Seasons', where the atmosphere naturally changes as the seasons change from spring to summer and from autumn to winter whenever the bookshelf is turned page by page.

Język wydania:koreański
Ilość stron:98
Format:250x250 mm
Miesiąc wydania:grudzień
Rok wydania:2014
Kraj wydania:Korea
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