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My Healing Trip Coloring Book

My Healing Trip Coloring Book
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Cena: 89,90 PLN
EAN: 9788968571411
Status: Wysyłka od 17 czerwca
Opis produktu

It is a book that draws and follows landscape drawings of 40 tourist destinations around the world. The artist Joa-young captured the scenery of over 40 travel destinations around the world with colored pencil drawings. In order to share this beautiful scenery with many readers, her landscape drawings and sketches of sketches are included in the book. Readers can easily draw beautiful travel destinations around the world with the artist's drawings.

If you've been there, you can draw it if you remember it, and if you have a place you want to go to, it would be a good idea to color it. Joa-young's illustration of colored pencils requires only a pen and colored pencils. Following the pen on a pre-sketched sketch and adding contrast with colored pencils helps to make the landscape more beautiful.

Język wydania:koreański
Ilość stron:88
Format:250x250 mm
Miesiąc wydania:kwiecień
Rok wydania:2020
Kraj wydania:Korea
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