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PAKIET: Tales from the Stars coloring book. + Wieść Niesie po Lesie. Wersja autorska z autografem

PAKIET: Tales from the Stars coloring book. + Wieść Niesie po Lesie. Wersja autorska z autografem
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Tales from the Stars coloring book

This is not an ordinary coloring book with graphics of the signs of the zodiac. It is a journey to the Land of Stars created by an extraordinary artist - Ania Miarczyńska. The book was inspired by a series of paintings in the series "Guardian Angels for the Signs of the Zodiac". Some of them were included in Sandrine Verrycken's book Rituels De Femmes pour créer sa vie en 12 Lunes, others in the Fourth Dimension monthly.

Inside you will find 12 original color graphics depicting the above-mentioned Angels and 36 pictures to be colored. At the same time, the author will share her knowledge and positive energy with you describing each picture.

The news is carried in the forest. Author's version with an autograph

The original version of the publication The Village is Carrying Through the Forest by Polish painter Anna Miarczyńska. This issue was released in a larger format, on thicker paper connected with a spiral. Moreover, the author signed this amazing book especially for us.
Yes, this is not just a coloring book, inside you will find many deep thoughts and truths about man and nature. The stand is designed for children - both small and those who are hidden in us, adults. The book is only in Polish.

21 illustrations with dimensions of 30 x 30 cm 

Język wydania:polsko - angielski
Autor:Anna Miarczyńska
Rodzaj okładki:twarda
Ilość stron:174
Format:210x297 mm
Miesiąc wydania:listopad
Rok wydania:2021
Kraj wydania:Polska
Grubość papieru:Gruby
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