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The Story of a Forest Girl. Pocztówki do kolorowania

The Story of a Forest Girl. Pocztówki do kolorowania
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A new edition of the coloring postcard by Chiaki Ida, who is popular for his delicate and precise illustrations that tickle the maiden's heart. A little fairy girl lives in a tree house in the forest. Birds deliver letters, take a walk in the forest with flowers, nuts, mushrooms, etc., have a picnic, and so on. The girl's house is full of cute miscellaneous goods that Mr. Ida specializes in, such as a fluffy bed, a storage room full of harvested vegetables and fruits, a kitchen with a kamado, and a living room. In this new edition, a color illustration of the large door and its coloring postcard have been added. The price that is more affordable than the principal is also attractive.

Język wydania:japoński
Autor:Chiaki Ida
Ilość stron:56
Format:150x230 mm
Miesiąc wydania:listopad
Rok wydania:2020
Kraj wydania:Japonia
Grubość papieru:Średnia
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