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Cats' Autumn Picnic Coloring Book

Cats' Autumn Picnic Coloring Book
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The continuation of the "Spring sunshine" coloring page presents autumn atmosphere and the adventures of cats and their friends. In the background you will find 30 species of flowers, from those that bloom in summer and early autumn to plants that bloom in late autumn, divided into four sections according to their blooming time. Each picture shows a different plant, which is also the background for the story: cats resting among tall grass, cats relaxing by the pond, lying on a hammock or a scary cat Halloween.

Publishing language:korean
Author:Jeon Jeon-jin
Size:210x270 mm
Publication month:September
Publication year:2023
Published in:Korea
Paper thickness:Thin
Printing:single-sided with color graphics on the left side
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Customer Review: 10/10 ocena ocena ocena ocena ocena
This book is so cute ! If you love cats and Korean coloring books, you will love it.
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