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Forest Girl's Diary 2024 Desk Calendar

Forest Girl's Diary 2024 Desk Calendar
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Price: 23,05 EUR
Status: available 48 H
product Description

Original standing calendar purchased from Aeppol, not available in classic stores.

Card format 125x175 mm. The calendar is packed in a printed paper envelope and an advertising postcard.
The days and months are written in English.
On one side there is a full-page graphic painted by the artist with a small, digital marking of the days of the month at the bottom of the page. On the other side, there is a miniature picture and the days of the month written in larger boxes, allowing you to write a short note about holidays or birthdays. There are no holiday symbols in English.
Calendar for 12 months - inside you will find 12 original, colorful Aeppol pictures from the artist's latest collection and her coloring book Aeppol's Coloring Book of the Four Seasons.

A table decoration and a practical gadget for fans of the Korean artist. :)

NOTE! This is NOT a coloring book!

Size:100x150 mm
Publication year:2023
Published in:Korea
Paper thickness:Thick
Printing:double page
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