Memories postcards Coloring book

Memories postcards Coloring book
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EAN: 9788393879779
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product Description

In 2019-2020, a series of postcards in cases was published, a total of 5 titles, each containing about 20 postcards for coloring and various accessories (magnets, notebooks, stickers). All titles are out of print, but due to numerous questions about re-publishing them, the author and I decided to collect the entire collection into one coloring book.

The coloring book is glued in the form of a block. The book comes with a cardboard slipcase in which you can store pages torn from the coloring book.

Memories postcards coloring book has a larger format and contains 90 postcards for coloring, all from earlier editions, i.e.:

  • Spirit of Easter
  • Spring Memories
  • Summer Memories
  • Autumn Memories
  • Winter Memories
Publishing language:english
Author:Karolina Kubikowska
Publication month:March
Publication year:2024
Published in:Poland
Paper thickness:Thick
Printing:single page
Package:paper case
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