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Memories Coloring Book POST CARDS

Memories Coloring Book POST CARDS
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Price: 19,02 EUR
EAN: 9788994199757
Status: available 48 H
product Description

It is a handy book composed in gray scale by collecting recommended pictures from Begain Again coloring Book and Remember Coloring book. You can meet the beautiful couple's fun travel stories in gray scale, set in 38 countries around the world, carefully selected by the artist Yalzza. It is a handy book with a small size, open binding, and thick paper so that you can enjoy coloring anytime, anywhere. 

On one side there are graphics, on the other side there is an overprint of a postcard with a space for entering your message and address

Publishing language:korean
Size:150x200 mm
Publication month:June
Publication year:2021
Published in:Korea
Printing:double page
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