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My Flower Coloring Book . Kwiaty do kolorowania akwarelami

My Flower Coloring Book . Kwiaty do kolorowania akwarelami
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A coloring book with a special flower sensibility that contains the four seasons of the world's beautiful flowers. You can draw flowers that meet all seasons with watercolors, from spring vitality to summer intensity, autumn scent, and winter achromatic sensibility. It is the most beautiful when painting flowers in watercolors than anything else. The clear and transparent flowers created by the paint shades are unique to watercolors.

The artist has included about 20 beautiful flowers that can be seen in the coloring book. The artist, who has been steadily working on capturing nature such as flowers, butterflies, and landscapes in watercolors, considered that in this book, anyone could easily and beautifully draw watercolor flowers. In particular, the drawing process of all works is recorded as a video, so readers can easily follow the artist's watercolor technique.

It is also good that the artist's drawing paper was also used for actual books. The sketched pattern is drawn next to the finished work, so there is no burden on the sketch because readers can concentrate on drawing watercolor flowers with only paint.

Publishing language:korean
Size:250x250 mm
Publication month:May
Publication year:2020
Published in:Korea
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