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Quilt dolls colouring book

Quilt dolls colouring book
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The main motif of this coloring book are rag dolls, made of many colorful scraps of fabric, reminding many of us of our childhood. Inside you will find sample pictures colored by the author with crayons, as well as several pages of a guide on how to color fabrics so that the dolls made of them look fabulous and beautiful. Also the dollhouse, flowers and the entire surroundings were made of material. There were also tailoring accessories such as buttons. Take a break from everyday life for a moment and immerse yourself in the colorful world of dolls made of scrap materials.

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Publishing language:korean
Size:188x245 mm
Publication month:June
Publication year:2024
Published in:Korea
Paper thickness:Thick
Printing:single-sided with color graphics on the left side
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