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Easy Botanical Art Coloring Book: A Small Garden Edition

Easy Botanical Art Coloring Book: A Small Garden Edition
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A plant flower that warms and comforts the heart just by looking at it. Botanical art, which closely observes favorite plants or eye-catching flowers and fruits, and expresses them through drawings, has been loved by many for its unique charm. This is the second coloring book for botanical art in an 'easy' version that allows more people to touch and enjoy the charm of botanical art.

This 'Small Garden Edition' is based on simple and pretty flowers such as Balsam, Giraffe, and Small Soup that you can often see around the road, park, and veranda you pass every day. The 'easy' version has a large and cool arrangement of pictures so that even children and seniors can enjoy coloring without burden. The 'mini lesson', which teaches the basics of colored pencil coloring, is also explained in more detail, and there is ample space for practicing basic skills.

Publishing language:koreański
Size:210x270 mm
Publication month:September
Publication year:2021
Published in:Korea
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