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Flowers and Girls Vol 2. Coloring Book

Flowers and Girls Vol 2. Coloring Book
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This is the second coloring book by Yon Yon, an illustrator who is very much loved by reinterpreting flower language and stories related to flowers with girls full of personality. It contains a total of 37 kinds of flowers, from flowers nearby like freesia, peony, and pansy, to rare flowers such as black-and-white and rainbow roses, more abundant than the first coloring book.

The artist, who could not forget the moment when flowers were comforting, paid special attention to love, sadness, darkness, and hope in this coloring book, and selected flowers with these meanings and expressed them as special girls. As in the previous work, the name of the flower, the language of the flower, and a short message of encouragement from the artist to the reader are also included, and each picture stimulates the imagination by telling a different story.

The great strength of this book is that it is made of luxurious and well-expanded hardcover, and you don't have to worry about what color to paint because you can color it by referring to Yon-Yon's vividly completed painting. Of course, the sketch that can be completed plausibly just by dyeing your favorite color is also noteworthy. At the end of the book, there is a double-sided poster featuring girls resting in a flower field full of fragrant flowers, which you can cut and paste to enjoy or color yourself.

Publishing language:korean
Size:180x235 mm
Publication month:August
Publication year:2021
Published in:Korea
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