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Lady Spring Coloring book

Lady Spring Coloring book
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Let me present Lady Spring. Delicate and fleeting. 
Delightful and romantic. Surrounded by plants and animals, she is waiting for you to add some color to her, just as she bestows the color on our planet every year.
Seen through the eyes of the imagination of six great female artists

 Karolina Kubikowska, Izabela Kwiecien - Szpunar (@rozrysowanamama), Anna Miarczynska, Krystyna Nowak (@ojkipopart), Grazia Salvo, Barbara Sobczynska.

Inside you will find 30 graphics - each artist has prepared 5 different works.

Polish-English edition

There is en error in the English version of Barbara Sobczynska's biography in Lady Spring's coloring book. You can download the correct version by clicking on the image below. Enlarge it, save it to your computer and print it.


Publishing language:polish - english
Author:Karolina Kubikowska, Izabela Kwiecień - Szpunar, Anna Miarczyńska, Krystyna Nowak, Grazia Salvo, Barbara Sobczyńska
Size:210x297 mm
Publication month:May
Publication year:2021
Published in:Poland
Paper thickness:Medium
Printing:single page
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